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Essentials Preset Collection 02

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My second collection of Lightroom presets. Each preset has been meticulously tailored to match the precise appearance and feel of all of my Instagram pictures.

There are 25 different presets in the collection, ranging in style from austere and clinical to vibrant and tropical. Perfect for landscape, lifestyle, and product photography. I wanted to offer the same presets I use on my own photographs so you could copy the look. As usual, though, feel free to alter and customize to your taste to develop your own style and appearance.

Both desktop and mobile devices will be able to make use of these presets.

You may copy and paste presets to your own images using the 25 XMP and 10 DNG files that are included.

This collection covers my photography style from 2022 onwards.

You will get the following files:
  • ZIP (39KB)
  • ZIP (16MB)